Goal 3: Ensure cRequire all qualified persons and firms engaged in the practice of the professions to be licensed or hold a Permit to Practice

  • Protect reserved titles against unqualified persons or firms practicing the professions without being licensed


Strategies & Key Initiatives


3.1 100% of persons engaged in the practice of engineering, geology or geophysics in Alberta are licensed and use proper titles.

Identify and license all potential professional members and permit holders

  • Strengthen efforts to identify and license qualified persons through use of consultants
  • Implement the R.P.T. program for geoscientist technologists
  • Direct contact with major employers and other regulatory bodies
  • Exchange information with other jurisdictions on individuals registered in other Associations now living and presumed practicing in Alberta
  • Focused efforts on Advanced Technology, Emerging Disciplines and Urban Municipalities
  • Clarify the role of "responsible members" to ensure that all persons practicing the professions in the firm are licensed through permit to practice seminars
  • Increase university student enrolment in the ASAP program and encourage new graduates to register
  • Communicate information concerning discipline decisions to all stakeholders
  • Continue ring workshops
  • Communicate the value and requirement of licensure to individuals and companies
  • Provide member services that are valued
  • Expand the M.I.T. program and finalize APEGGA's support for the mentoring program
  • Utilize new "ethics video" for use in presentations to university students and update 4th year lecture series. Promote to sister associations.
  • Emphasize that licensure facilitates mobility between employers and between jurisdictions, and provides a measure of job security
    • Comments received concerning the enforcement programs
    • Percentage of eligible persons in Alberta who are licensed
    • Percentage of graduates who register and stay registered until they become P.Eng.;
    • Percentage of companies holding valid Permits to Practice
    • Percentage of graduates registered in M.I.T. program
    • Percentage of members who participate in voluntary member services programs
    • Participation in ring workshops and ceremonies
    • Companies demand professional licensure
    • Registration of R.P.T.s
    • Percentage of permit holders that attend the permit to practice seminars

    3.2 All businesses using the protected titles or practicing the professions are fully qualified, possess a permit to practice and have a responsible professional member

    Enforce the restricted practice and title provisions of the EGGP Act

    • · Continue to monitor directories, Alberta Gazette, career pages, advertisements, business cards
    • Follow up on information received from members and others
    • Review Corporate Member Database
    • Deal efficiently with complaints of firms not holding a permit to practice offering professional services
    • Use professional members as consultants to visit businesses suspected of practicing without a permit
    • Recognize full compliance and high practice standards
    • Number of violations of the Act reported and percentage accurate
    • Number of actions taken against illegal use of protected titles;
    • Number of favorable judgements received
    3.3 The EGGP Act is current and meets anticipated future needs

    Continually review the EGGP Act to ensure that changing circumstances and emerging disciplines are clearly understood and accommodated

    • Initiate amendments to the EGGP Act and regulations that become necessary

    • References to the Courts are based on clearly defined sections of the Act that protect the public as well as the protected titles and exclusive scope of practice