Goal 4: Government, business and permit holders are assured of the quality of practitioners and their value to society, members value self-governance


Strategies & Key Initiatives


4.1a Government is satisfied that the EGGP Act is being properly administered and has confidence in APEGGA, considers APEGGA as a partner.

4.1b Business and industry see value in using professionals and permit holders

4.1c Members and permit holders value license and permit to practice

Demonstrate that licensed professionals protect the public and the environment through high standards, ethics, reliability, responsibility, and sustainable development

  • Communicate the value of the professions to all stakeholders
  • Communicate the value of self-governence
  • Highlight excellence and significant achievements
  • Document the contribution of the professions to the Alberta economy
  • Promote openness/transparency as the cornerstone of a discipline system that provides quality assurance
  • Professional development program provides confidence of quality and ethics
  • Continue the ongoing provincial government relations program
  • Assess perception of stakeholders regarding quality and value delivered
  • Government requests input and assistance from APEGGA
  • Government Ministers, M.L.A.s and officials attend APEGGA events
  • Business and industry require licensure, hold permits to practice
  • Permit holders partner with APEGGA on public initiatives
  • Public Members provide positive report to the Minister
  • APEGGA is invited to government functions, trade missions, strategy sessions,
  • Professionals are seen as leaders and enjoy status in society
  • Business and industry choose to locate in Alberta