Goal 5: National objectives are met through CCPE and CCPG

  • Set national standards for qualifications and accreditation of academic programs
  • Create a positive national image of professionals
  • Facilitate national and international mobility
  • CCPE and CCPG shall be effective national organizations


Strategies & Key Initiatives


5.1 CCPE and CCPG provide sound national leadership and coordination

Support all activities of CCPE and CCPG with financial and human resources required to fulfill the mandate given to them.
· Monitor and effect changes as required

  • CCPE and CCPG are seen as the unified national voice for the professions
  • The associations and members see real value in the national organizations

5.1 National standards for accreditation of university programs, qualifications, practices, licensure requirements, registration procedures, and mobility of professionals are achieved.

Support the work of CCPE and CCPG

  • Attend annual and bi-annual board meetings, meetings of presidents and staff officers, boards and committees
  • APEGGA Directors input board decisions and will participate on national committees
  • Staff participate on various committees and task forces as required
  • ercentage of volunteer and staff time dedicated to national and international initiatives
  • High quality accreditation, qualification and standards guidelines are maintained
  • National and inter-national mobility agreements and M.O.U.s are signed

5.2 The professions enjoy a positive public image and governments at all levels are aware of and value the role they play in society.

Direct public relations initiatives toward key public figures

  • Support communication initiatives of CCPE and CCPG and the Government Relations Committee of CCPE
  • Liaise with AUMA, AAMD&C and municipal administrators, support and attend municipal events, host annual AUMA reception, host City Council luncheons, rejuvenate the Joint Municipal Task Force
  • Government consults with CCPE/CCPG on major issues and values submissions
  • Government Ministers and officials attend CCPE/CCPG functions
  • Municipalities seek and value advice from professionals, employ professionals where required

5.3 Professionals enjoy national and international mobility

Support the efforts of national associations in negotiating international agreements and pursue a strategy of bi-lateral agreements with individual U.S. states

  • Monitor and improve the inter-association mobility agreements for mobility of engineers and geoscientists within Canada
  • Support the work of CCPE and CCPG to identify additional opportunities for international agreements
  • Continue to seek bi-lateral agreements with targeted U.S. states through direct contact, NCEES, PNWER and other forums
  • Develop and maintain good relations with appropriate U.S. government officials and state boards
  • Participate in the APEC Register
  • Bi-lateral agreements are signed with U.S. State Boards
  • APEGGA is invited to attend NCEES, PNWER, and other U.S. State Board functions and forums
  • International agreements are signed
    · Number of APEGGA members who benefit from ease of licensure in other jurisdictions
    · Number of persons transferring in from other Canadian provincial engineering and geoscience associations