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The PEGG June 1999

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Edmonton Gets Greener with Blue Bags   / 1

The City of Edmonton continues to pioneer new approaches for handling and recycling residential waste.

Fred E. Vermeulen, P.Eng., to Receive CCPE Award

Fred E. Vermeulen, P.Eng., PhD, of the University of Alberta's Deparmtnet of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to receive the 1999 Canadain Engineers Award for Distinction in Engineering Education.

Presidentıs Notebook / 3

APEGGA and other Associations will sign a national mobility agreement later this month.  APEGGA President Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., takes a look at mobility in the national and international context.

Across Canada / 3

Letters / 4

M.I.T. Guideline / 5

A new APEGGA draft guideline for Members-in-Training has been posted on APEGGA's website.

Outreach Salute /5

The work of APEGGA outreach volunteers is estimated to have had an impact on some 50,000 Alberta students in the past year.  Students and teachers indicate they appreciate the volunteers' effort.

Sleep Research Awakens Interest / 6

APEGGA President Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., responds to questions relating to the Association and the professions.

CIM Meets in Calgary / 6

Canada's mining industry has had some good news of late but still faces an uphill battle in convincing Canadians of its value and importance.

Electronic Stamping / 7

Akali-Aggregate Reaction  /8

Find out more about this yearıs Summit Award recipients.

IEEE Power Engineers / 8

Universities in Growth Mode / 9

Both the major Alberta universities have ambitious plans to add students, faculty and new facilities.  Deans of engineering at the U of A and U of C share their plans.

Grads in the Family / 10

There are new graduates in some APEGGA families

Cleaning up on Compost / 11

KC Environmental Group Ltd., hopes to hit pay dirt with its Cleanit Greenit Composting Systems.

International Moves / 12-13

International agreements could make it easier for Canadian engineers to practice in other jurisdictions and foreign engineers to practice in Canada.  Canadian Council of Professional Engineers' Vice-President, International Affairs, Wendy Ryan-Bacon, P.Eng., explains where things are moving.

In the News / 14

Y2K Liability / 15

Y2K is closer and, explains Derek Holloway, of the ENCON Group, so are possible legal liabilities arising from the millennium bug.

DT Custom Builds for its Customers / 16

DT Systems Ltd., a four-year-old manufacturing engineering firm headed by Thorsten Watterodt, P.Eng., provides custom-buillt solutions for its clients.

Electrical Computer Engineering Conference / 16

Participants at the IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering got a sense of what's in the cards.

Capturing Markets and Emissions / 17

DualTank has developed a simple containment system that greatly reduces the emission of benzene and other pollutants.

Golden Event for CSEG / 17

Attendance exceeded 2,000 as the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists held its 50th anniversary convention.

Cogeneration Picks up Steam / 18

Have Your Say / 19

NSERC Grants / 19

Voluntary Service / 19

The Association issues a special certificate to members who have contributed to volunteer activities over a six-year period.

Registration / 20

Careers / 21

PEGG These Dates / 23

APEGGA Calendar / 23

Climate Change / 24

The PEGG concludes a three-part series on climate change by focusing on how some firms are responding in innovative ways.

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