Infrastructure Integrity- Addressing the Knowledge Gaps – Adapting Infrastructure for a Changing Climate

Engineers have a profound impact on the integrity of Canada's built infrastructure and therefore need to be prepared to deal with issues that affect it such as climate change. CSA completed a project that through interviews and a National Survey, examined the current state of knowledge of climate change issues and responses, and examined the current level of awareness and use of such knowledge in the day-to-day work of infrastructure engineers. Furthermore, it identified priority subjects that would help engineers to prepare to adapt infrastructure to the impacts of climate change, and it established a framework to improve knowledge and awareness amongst engineers of those subjects.

Jeff Walker P.Eng., Canadian Standards Association

Learning outcomes;

After completing this session, you will have answers to the following questions;

  • What is the current state of knowledge and awareness of infrastructure engineers in Canada on Climate Change, and do engineers expect Climate Change to affect their practice?

  • What are the priority topics that infrastructure engineers should be knowledgeable about if they are to address the impacts of climate change?

  • Is there a current body of knowledge on climate change and infrastructure that is available today that would be suitable for use by engineers?

  • How should the engineering community move forward to prepare for the impacts of climate change?