Kevin Hall graduated from Civil Engineering at Queen’s University in 1979. After 6 years in industry and a few years at the University of New South Wales, where he obtained his PhD, Kevin returned to Queen’s in 1987. Kevin is currently Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, the Director of the Centre for Water and the Environment and the Chair of the Queen’s University Institute for Population and Public Health. He is currently funded by CIDA, NSERC, Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund, PreCarn, Crestech and private industry. Results of Dr. Hall’s research have been incorporated into Engineering Design Manuals both nationally and internationally.

Kevin has recently developed a program in Humanitarian Engineering, which will be offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

In addition to academia, Kevin is a principal at HCCL, a consulting engineering company conducting international work in the areas of coastal and river engineering, environmental hydraulics and water resources. Kevin is a co-founder of Pathogen Detection Systems, a developer of water-borne bacteria detection technologies. In association with another researcher and several industry partners Kevin has recently co-founded Forrest Geothermal, a company providing innovative large-scale geothermal energy solutions for new and existing development.