Keeping current with new developments in technology, management, business and human resources can be a challenge. The 2008 Conference offers six two-day streams that address some of these areas (you can select one day from each of two streams if you wish.)

Registration Deadline: April 1, 2008
$299/day by March 1
$350/day March 2 - April 1

PD Seminars corporate discount for every third registration of equal value received at the same time from the same organization.

Please note that non-members of APEGGA are welcome to register for the conference.

The 2008 Conference offers six two-day streams that address some of these areas (you can select one day from each of two streams if you wish).

Thursday, April 17

Speaker: Alan Lightman, Astrophysicist, Novelist, MIT Professor
9:30am – 11:00 am followed by questions
1:30pm – 3 pm

  • The Physicist as Novelist
  • Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Managing Engineering Design: Industrial,
Infrastructure and Commercial

Thursday, April 17

Facilitator: Jim Lozon, P.Eng., University of Calgary

Panel One: Initiating the Work

  • Scope of Work
  • Organizing the Team
  • Planning the Work

Panelists: Chris Wade, P.Eng., City of Calgary; Dan Rozak, P.Eng., Calgary Health Region; Terry Manning, P.Eng.

Panel Two: Engineering the Work

  • Tool and Techniques

  • Design and Documentation

  • Estimating and Scheduling

Panelists: Roger Mapp, P.Eng., Bantrel; Carl Clayton, P.Eng., and Brad Berteau, P.Eng., Stantec

Friday, April 18

Facilitator: Jim Lozon, P.Eng., University of Calgary

Panel Three: Executing the Work

  • Materials and Logistics

  • Construction and Equipment

  • Completing the Work

Panelists: Mitch Soetaert, P.Eng., Scott Adkins, P.Eng. and John Droog, P.Eng., PCL

Panel Four: Managing the Work

  • Risk and Change

  • Owner’s Role

  • Claims and Disputes

Panelists: Dave Evans, P.Geol., CSC Project Management Services; Nick Lavingia, P.E., Chevron; Jim Lozon, P.Eng., PDE Systems

Infrastructure Integrity:
Monitoring and Maintenance

Thursday, April 17

Morning Facilitator: Shiraz Kanji, P.Eng., City of Edmonton

Afternoon Facilitator: Gordon Zack, P.Eng.
Managing the Integrity of Building and Transporation Infrastructure

Friday, April 18

Infrastructure and the Changing Climate

Facilitator: David Lapp, PIEVC Secretariat

Proposed Learning Outcomes:

Upon completing this session you will have learned:

1. A current understanding of the issues around the design, operation and maintenance of public infrastructure in a changing climate

2. The risk assessment principles behind, and the application of, the PIEVC Engineering Protocol through case studies of selected infrastructures

3. The issues around the application of historical climatic data, climate change modeling and future climate change to the design, retrofit, operation and maintenance of infrastructure

3A: Water Management in Alberta’s Oilfields –
Issues and Opportunities

Thursday, April 17

Chair: Kim Sturgess, P.Eng., Alberta WaterSMART

  • Water: Alberta’s Next Big Economic and Social Challenge, Kim Sturgess, P.Eng.

  • A 2020 Fresh Water Consumption Neutral Upstream Petroleum Industry, Richard Nelson

  • Oilfield and Municipal Water Recovery and Reuse in the Brooks Area, Clyde Fulton, P.Eng., Newalta Water

  • Waste Water Recovery and Reuse in the Oil Sands, Keith Minnich to the Water Management Stream

  • Petro-Canada Uses Treated Edmonton Waste Water in Refinery Operations, Frank Vagi, P.Eng., Petro-Canada

  • THAI - Increasing the Potential of the Canadian Oil Sands, Emery Spronken, P.Eng.

  • Recovery and Reuse of Produced Water in Alberta: Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities, Greg Shyba, LLB, Alberta Research Council

  • Changing Role of Research in Improving Water Management, Dr. Kevin Hall, Centre for Water and Environment, Queen's University

3B: Mining in 2008: Diamonds, Gold and Uranium

Friday, April 18

  • Diamonds: From Kimberlite to Jeweller, Pam Strand, P.Geol.

  • Uranium Mining: The Big Picture, Jim Letourneau, P.Geol.

  • Iron, Coal and Steel: The Building Blocks, Jim Letourneau, P.Geol.

  • Gold and Diamonds: Current Status, Mike Dufresne, P.Geol.

Links to Leadership Success

Thursday, April 17

Mastering Your Game .... more information
Speaker: Marlene Cameron, MBA, CFA, ACC

Friday, April 18

Mastering the Challenge of Change ... more information
Speaker: Marlene Cameron, MBA, CFA, ACC

Creating Positive Futures: A Creative and Appreciative
Approach to Strategic Planning
... more information

Thursday, April 17

AI's 5D Cycle - Define, Deliver and Dream
Speaker: Nancy Peterson

Friday, April 18

AI's 5D Cycle - Design and Deliver
Speaker: Nancy Peterson

Thursday, April 17

RedR Canada
Martin McCann, CEO, RedR UK bv

Friday, April 18

Thinking about Thinking
Dr. Francis Hartman, P.Eng., University of Calgary

Please note that topics and speakers are subject to change.