Scott has eight years of infrastructure industry experience three of which have been at PCL as a project manager in their Civil Department. Prior to working for PCL he worked at precast concrete manufacturer responsible for design and management of precast structures including parkades, bridges (both for Alberta Infrastructure and the City of Calgary), prisons and warehouses. While working their he was part of the team which first brought the NU bridge girders into Alberta.

At PCL he has been responsible for several projects on the City of Calgary's NW LRT Extension, including the construction of several over passes, retaining walls, and is currently building an LRT Station and its adjoining pedestrian bridge. One of the overpasses featured the single largest continuous deck pour to date in the City of Calgary.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from the University of Alberta and one in Civil Engineering, with a specialization in structures, from the University of Calgary; as well as a Diploma from SAIT Polytechnic in Architectural Technologies.