Marlene Cameron, BID, MBA, CFA, ACC

Links to Leadership Success:
Mastering the Challenge of Change

“As in golf, so in life.”

Presented by:
Marlene Cameron, MBA, CFA, ACC

Change is a capricious constant; regardless of whether it is initiated to:

  • facilitate innovation
  • take action on an unsatisfactory situation
  • respond to outside influences that demand transformation.

Contrary to common perception, change cannot be managed, only led. Leadership is the key factor in an organization’s ability to initiate and respond to change.

Using the metaphor of golf, this seminar incorporates humour, interactive participation and established models to explore the strategic thinking and essential steps for dynamic change. Everyone plays with a scorecard - score your own and your organization’s capacity to respond to, initiate, and champion change.

As a participant, you will:

  • Explore models that outline the elements of change management.
  • Achieve greater understanding of motives for, and resistance to, change.
  • Examine qualities of character that support or hinder change leadership.
  • Gain increased awareness of personal leadership strengths and style.

What others have said about this program:

“Upbeat, high energy, fresh perspective.” – Greg Lake, Elk Valley Coal

“Marlene provides an interesting approach to encourage you to evaluate how you are doing personally and as a leader on a variety of characteristics.” – Brad Sewall, Ethier Associates

“Excellent at reminding me of what is important. Great tool kit and structure.”