Alberta Ingenuity

L.C. Charlesworth
Frank Spragins
Community Service
Early Accomplishment
Environmental Excellence
Honorary Membership
Project Achievement
Honorary Life
Excellence in Education


Honorary Membership - The Council may confer Honorary Membership in the Association upon any person who, through his own initiative and leadership, has rendered eminent service allied with the profession resulting in the betterment of mankind through the development of new material, equipment, techniques, philosophy or management related to engineering, geology or geophysics. Persons eligible for APEGGA membership shall not be considered as candidates for this award.

1974 Al Heslop; E.T. Connolly
1976 W.B. Nodwell

1977 John Stevenson, FRAIC; G.E. Taylor
1978 None
1979 Jim Dodds; F.C. Mannix; Vernon Millard, B.A.
1980 Douglas F. Burrows Senator; The Honorable E.C. Manning
1981 None
1982 L. O. Rowland
1983 None
1984 Garnet T. Page; J. Peter Meekison, Ph.D.
1985 None
1986 Marlene J. Antonio, B.A.
1987 Hugh L. Planche
1988 None
1989 Norman M. Fleming, FRAIC
1990 None
1991 G.B Miller
1992 None
1993 A.R. Smith, DFC, OC
1994 A.J. Cressey
1995 R.F. Haskayne, FCA
1996 None
1997 D.P. O'Brien
1998 J. E. (Ted) Newall
1999 Reginald Isley
2000 Hon. Stan Woloshyn, MLA; Robert E. McTague
2002 James K. Gray, O.C. [more]
2003 Terry Allen, B.Ed., B.Sc. [more]