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L.C. Charlesworth
Frank Spragins
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Summit Awards® WINNERS

L.C. Charlesworth Professional Service Award - This award recognizes members who have served their profession diligently for many years, as well as made substantial contributions to the operation of APEGGA and the advancement of the Association's professional status.

1974 P.L. Debney, P.Eng.
1975 A. Baxter, P.Eng.; J. McMillan, P.Eng.; J.G. Dale, P.Eng.; J.F. McDougall, P.Eng.
1976 T.D. Stanley, P.Eng.; C.A. Stollery, P.Eng.; C.S. Clendenning, P.Eng.
1977 D.R. Stanley, P.Eng.; S.H. Matheson, P.Eng.; J. Longworth, P.Eng.
1978 E.K. Cumming, P.Eng.
1979 F.W. Beairsto, P.Eng.; N.J. Christie, P.Geoph.; I.G. Finlay, P.Eng.;
R.F. Comstock, P.Eng.
1980 E.M. Berlie, P.Eng.; R.D. Grantham, P.Eng.; K. Puffer, P.Eng.; H.S. Ragan, P.Eng.
1981 D.W. Purdy, P.Eng.; E.J. Sanden, P.Eng.; V.D. Thierman, P.Eng.;
A.J.L. Fisher, P.Eng.
1982 D.G. Bellow, P.Eng.; J.A.L. Carey, P.Eng.; G. Ford, P.Eng.
1983 R.O. Fisher, P. Eng;. G. Adam, P.Eng.
1984 L.R. Newby, P.Eng.
1985 H.A. R. de Paiva, P.Eng.
1986 T.H. Barton, P.Eng.; H.L. Morrison, P.Eng.
1987 M.J. Ozubko, P. Eng.; R. Shortreed, P Eng.
1988 R.H. Savage, P Eng.; C.H. Weir, P.Eng.
1989 G.J. DeSorcy, P.Eng.
1990 E.A. Bernard, P.Eng.; F.D. Otto, P.Eng., PhD.
1991 D.A. Carswell, P.Geoph.
1992 D.W. Devenny, P.Eng. P.Geol.
1993 W.D. Usher, P.Eng.
1994 J.M. Browning, P.Geol.
1995 W.L. Fraser, P. Eng.
1996 N.A. Cleland, P. Eng.
1997 G.D. Williams, P.Geol. PhD.
1998 Donald V. Currie, P.Geol.
1999 David Irving, P.Eng.
2000 J.A. Howard, P.Eng.
2001 Robert Ross, P.Eng. [more]
2002 Dave Chalcroft, P.Eng. [more]
2003 None