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Summit Awards® WINNERS

Community Service Award - This primary award recognizes an individual's outstanding commitment and contribution to society. Nominees are active members in their community, may have contributed politically through public service, have held positions with youth and service clubs, have assisted overseas on international development projects, or have made environmental contributions.

1971 J.G. MacGregor, Sr. P.Eng.
1972 J.D. Henderson, P.Eng.
1973 H.L. Morrison, P.Eng.; A.E. Pallister, P.Geoph.; W.A.B. Saunders, P.Eng.
1974 J.E. Davis, P.Eng.
1975 R.A. Ritter, P.Eng.; W.J. Yurko, P.Eng.
1976 W.S. Ziegler, P.Eng.; J. Setters, P.Eng.
1977 G.H. Sissons, P.Eng.; H. Hole, P.Eng.; D.B. Menzies, P.Eng.
1978 T.W. Chambers, P.Eng.; F.A. Kidd, P.Eng.; R.N. Dalby, P.Eng.
1979 L.O. (Buck) Olsen, P.Eng.; W.D. Usher, P.Eng.; D.C. Wharton, P.Eng.
1980 H.T. Hargrave, P.Eng.,M.P.; D.R.B. McArthur, P.Eng.
1981 J.F. Hole, P.Eng.; D.C. Jones, P.Eng.
1982 F.W. King, P.Eng.; G.C. Walker, P.Eng.
1983 R.H. Carlyle, P.Eng.; W.N. Rabey, P.Eng.; N.A. Lawrence, P.Eng.
1984 N.W. Taylor, P.Geol.
1985 B.W. Brooker, P.Eng.; W.J.C. Sissons, P.Eng.
1986 E.J. Crowther, P.Eng.; D.E. Mitchell, P.Eng.
1987 B.J. Seaman, P.Eng.; T.E. Randall, P.Eng.
1988 E.H. Davis, P.Eng.; B.C. Van Hees, P.Eng.
1989 None
1990 J.S. Moore, P.Eng.; J.H. Parker, P.Eng.
1991 G.J. Berg, P.Eng.
1992 G. Hodge, P.Eng.
1993 N. Malychuk, P.Eng.
1994 R.J.B. McNally, P.Eng.
1995 R.H. David, P.Eng.
1996 Dr. T.R. Rozsa, P.Geol.
1997 D. Pickersgill, P.Eng.
1998 William (Bill) A. Tapuska, P.Eng.
1999 Allan Douglas Rogan, P.Eng.
2000 Dave Irvine-Halliday, P.Eng., PhD
2001 Robert G.M. Brawn, P.Eng. [more]
2002 Allan Kwan, P.Eng. [more]
2003 Raju V. Paul, P.Eng. [more]