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Summit Awards® WINNERS

Project Achievement Award - The only corporate award, it is presented to a project developed by APEGGA members demonstrating engineering, geological or geophysical skills and representing a substantial contribution to technological progress and the betterment of society. Credit is given to those firms and/or individuals who have assumed key roles in bringing the project to completion. Projects undertaken outside of Alberta are eligible if they have been carried to completion under the direction of APEGGA members.

1980 City of Edmonton Light Rail Transit
1981 Sheltech Canada - Doppler Satellite and Inertial Surveys
1982 Buffalo Engineering Limited - Buffalo Sloped Bin Elevator
1983 Dome Petroleum - Artificial Island Construction in Beaufort Sea
1984 Jan Bobrowski and Partners Ltd. - Olympic Saddledome Calgary Structural Design Concept
1985 A.G.T. Mobile Communications and NovATel Communications Ltd. - AURORA Cellular Mobile Telephone System
1986 Western Research - a division of Bow Valley Resource Services Ltd. - Sulphur Plant Instrumentation and Controls
1987 Esso Resources Canada Limited - Cold Lake Production Project
1988 NOVA Corporation of Alberta - NOVA Dry Seals
1989 None
1990 Alberta Special Waste Treatment Centre and the Town of Swan Hills
1991 Hysim Process Simulator by Hyprotech Ltd.
1992 A.G.T. Individual Line Service (ILS) Program
1993 CREWES Project - The Consortiom for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology - University of Calgary
1994 Revolve Technologies Inc. - Digital Magnetic Bearings
1995 Simon-Stanley Joint Venture and Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
1996 Canadian Water Filtration Process
1997 European Technologies International Inc.development of Can-Balanceš automatic balancing technology for rotation equipment.
1998 The Canadian Liquefaction Experiment (CANLEX) Project
1999 Dow-Fort Saskatchewan-Hydrocarbons Expansion Project
2000 Wabasca Horizontal Well Network Drilling Project
2001 Dynastream innovations Inc. (Speedmax Gait Speedometer) [more]
2002 3500 Communications Project [more]
2003 Mariah Energy's Suntec Greenhouses Project [more]