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Summit Awards® WINNERS

Honorary Life Membership -The Council may confer Honorary Life Membership in the Association upon any professional member who has rendered eminent service to the Association. Honorary Life Members are exempt from further payment of annual dues."

It has been the Association's practice to grant this award to each outgoing President. The certificat should be dated with the date of the Annual General Meeting when the new president takes over.

1975 R.N. Dalby, P.Eng.; S.J. Hampton, P.Eng.; J.S. Mitchell, P.Eng.
1976 E.M. Cheriton, P.Eng.; R.K. Moyse, P.Eng.; F.K. Spragins, P.Eng.
1977 E.M. Berlie, P.Eng.; R.J.B. McNally, P.Eng.
1978 I.G. Finlay, P.Eng.; E.J. Sanden, P.Eng.
1979 G.J. Maier, P.Eng.; L.R. Morris, P.Eng.
1980 D.L. Flock, P.Eng., PhD; R.O. Lindseth, P.Geoph.
1981 J.W. Gregg, P.Eng.; C.D. Howarth, P.Eng.; J.R. McDougall, P.Eng.
1982 G.R. Gray, P.Eng.; J.F. Hunt, P.Eng.
1983 W.L. Fraser, P.Eng.
1984 J.M. Browning, P.Geol.
1985 R.H. Savage, P.Eng.
1986 D.G. Bellow, P.Eng., PhD; D.V. Currie, P.Geol.
1987 W. Blair, P.Geoph.; F.D. Priestly, P.Eng.
1988 J.S. Denis, P.Eng.
1989 T.W. Chambers, P.Eng.; C.R. James, P.Eng., PhD.
1990 D.T. Irving, P.Eng.
1992 N.A. Cleland, P.Eng.
1993 W.B. Lester, P.Eng.
1994 J.A. Howard, P.Eng.
1995 D.W. Devenny, P.Geol., P.Eng., PhD.
1996 J.R. Wood, P.Eng.
1997 F.D. Otto, P.Eng., PhD.
1998 D.A. Lindberg, P.Eng.
1999 D.R. Motyka, P.Eng.
2000 D.J. Danyluk, P.Eng.
2001 S.E. Sue Evison, P.Eng. [more]
2002 H.D.Dale Miller, P.Eng. [more]
2003 Ron Tenove,P.Eng. [more]
2003 C. H. Charles) Weir, P.Eng. [more]