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Summit Awards® WINNERS

Frank Spragins Technical Award - The Frank Spragins Award honours members for their integrity, expertise and outstanding accomplishments in engineering, geology or geophysics. Nominees should normally have been APEGGA members for at least ten years.

1980 T. Lamb, P.Eng. C.R. Neill, P.Eng.
1981 B.A. Ellis, P.Eng. R. Stollery, P.Eng.
1982 A.D. Baillie, P.Geol.; D.R. Stanley, P.Eng.; J.I. Strong, P.Eng.
1983 S.R. Blair, P.Eng. R.G. McCrossan, P.Geol.
1984 C.R. Evans, P.Geol.
1985 D.K. Seaman, P.Eng.
1986 M.C. Harris, P.Eng.
1987 G.G.L. Henderson, P.Geol.; F.W. Hewes, P.Eng.
1988 R.S. Bullen, P.Eng. R.A. Meneley, P.Eng.
1989 H.R. Kivisild, P.Eng.
1990 F.G. Bercha, P.Eng. N.A. Cleland, P.Eng.
1991 R.K. Kerr, P.Eng. M.A. Clegg, P.Eng.
1992 I.I. Adamache, P.Eng.
1993 A.W. Hyndman, P.Eng.
1994 M.A. Ward, P.Eng.
1995 E.W. Brooker, P.Eng., Ph.D
1996 W.G. Ayrton, P.Geol., Ph.D
1997 J. K. Gibson, P.Eng.
1998 P. Raj Bishnoi, P.Eng., Ph.D
1999 Dr. Leo A. Behie, P.Eng., PhD
2000 Gérard Lachapelle, P.Eng., PhD
2001 S.M. Farouq Ali, P.Eng., PhD [more]
2002 Dr. Ghazi A.Karim, P.Eng. [more]
2003 Dr. Sieghard E. Wanke, P.Eng. [more]