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Summit Awards® WINNERS

Centennial Leadership Award - APEGGA's most prestigious award, the Centennial Award honours individuals who have made stellar contributions in the fields of engineering, geology or geophysics. The nominee should have:

-been an executive or a director of an outstanding project and responsible for the invention, research or original work of the project, or

-had an outstanding or exemplary career in the teaching of the professions.

1967 J.C. Sproule, P. Geol.
1968 R.M. Hardy, P.Eng.
1969 G.W. Govier, P.Eng.
1970 L.A. Thorssen, P.Eng.
1971 L.E. Gads, P.Eng.
1972 Thomas Blench, P.Eng.
1973 R.E. Folinsbee, P.Geol.
1974 N.A. Lawrence, P.Eng.
1975 George Ford, P.Eng.
1976 Frank K. Spragins, P.Eng.
1977 R.N. McManus, P.Eng.
1978 W.A.B. Saunders, P.Eng.
1979 C.R. Stelck, P.Geol.
1980 D.B. Robinson, P.Eng.
1981 R.A. Hemstock, P.Eng.
1982 R.O. Lindseth, P.Geoph.
1983 None
1984 N.R. Morgenstern, P.Eng.
1985 G.M. Furnival, P.Geol.
1986 J.G. MacGregor Jr., P.Eng.
1987 A.W. Howard, P.Eng.
1988 A.B. Coady, P.Eng.
1989 C.W. Bowman, P.Eng.
1990 B. Taciuk, P.Eng.
1991 A.G. Slekys, P.Eng.
1992 A.R. Pasini, P.Eng.
1993 F.D. Otto, P.Eng.
1994 G.J. Maier, P.Eng.
1995 L.T. Bruton, P.Eng., PhD.
1996 M.M. Williams, P.Eng., PhD.
1997 J.L. Kennedy, P.Eng., PhD.
1998 Walter H. Dilger, P. Eng., PhD.
1999 Jim Carter, P.Eng.
2000 John Lagadin, P.Eng.
2001 David T. Lynch, P.Eng., PhD. [more]
2002 Dr. William A. Slusarchuk, P.Eng. [more]
2003 Dr. S. Chan Wirasinghe, P.Eng. [more]