Chair: Neil Windsor, P.Eng.
Members: Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng.
Ms. Bonnie Danyluk, P.Eng.
Mr. Bruce Pettie, P.Eng.
Mr. Chrys. Dmytruk, P.Eng.
Mr. Len Shrimpton, P.Eng.
Ms. Kimberly Nishikaze
Ms. Terri-Jane Chernesky


Terms of Reference


To plan and manage, under the direction of the Executive Director, the Annual General Conference of the Association.

I Program Goals

1. To assist with meeting the statutory requirements of holding the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

2. To oversee APEGGA's Summit Awards® event.

3. To enhance the image of the engineering, geology and geophysics professions.

4. To assist members in their professional development activities.

5. To enhance the stature of the Association and members' pride in their professions.

II Committee Activities

1. Plan and manage the Annual General Conference, which has as components:

1) The Annual General Meeting and Annual General Meeting Luncheon;

2) Summit Awards® presentation gala, and

3) Professional Development Conference.

2. Approve plans and program proposed for the Summit Awards® event.

3. Approve the theme of the Annual General Conference and the Summit Awards® in consultation with the Summit Awards® Committee.

4. Promote attendance at all three components of the Annual General Conference.

5. Plan and manage the Guest Program and other social functions associated with the Annual General Conference.

III Committee Structure and Operations

1. The committee is comprised of a Chair and other members as required to carry out the committee's activities.

2. The Chair of the committee shall be the Executive Director of the Association.

3. The Chair of the Summit Awards® Committee is automatically a member of the committee.

4. In addition to the President of the Association and Directors of Communications and Public Affairs and Professional Development, other committee members may be appointed by the Executive Director.